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Product Details
Deluxe Stainless Steel Round Bottom With Stand Water Tank
A Reliable and Cost Effective Alternative Without Compromising Quality
Color: Silver
Made from High quality stainless steel (SUS 304 BA)
Hygienic and odorless
Durable, Elegant, Easy to maintain.
Sediments accumulated at the bottom of the tank can be drained out easily.
Offer strong protection against water contamination (fungus, algae, toxin,odour, bacteria and uninvited elements that effect the water quality)
Extra large ventilating cap.
Easy installations and cleanings.
Material:SUS 304 Stainless Steel
Product Highlights
IKRAM & SPAN APPROVED, Certified to IKRAM / B024/ E1104/ N2700 (P1), SPAN /KP/A/00003-2008
Free 3/4'' float valve. Special Airvent Provided.
Long Term Investment
Second Value for recycle
Warranty Up To 10 Years!!* Not Applicable for Below Covered Area:
Under the roof
below ground
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